Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well Done Tamilnadu

The mandate registered in Tamilnadu 2009 Parliament elections is flawless and decisive. It is one of the very rarest and healthy verdicts in last 20 years in Tamilnadu electoral space which I have been keenly watching. The election wave, anti – incumbency factor and electoral arithmetic (which played pivotal role in TN since 1998) have been pushed to cold storage in this election.

The development schemes (Infrastructure, creation of jobs, industrial development etc) implemented by DMK government have been much appreciated in this election and populist measures (Farmers Loan waiving, free schemes, etc) carried out by DMK also worked in favor. We can’t ignore the accreditation, the DMK and its leader Mr.Karunanidhi got for its ideological moves (Enabling all caste people to become temple priests, Announcement of Pongal as Tamil New year, etc). Overall, the ruling DMK has got its overwhelming endorsement for its good governance in the last three years in TN.

The most heartening outcome in this election is the defeat of Congress bigwigs like Mani Shankar, Thangabalu, EVKS Elangovan and the narrow escape for Chidambaram for their irresponsible and reckless behavior in the Eelam issue. It alarmed the red signal for Tamilnadu Congress and taught them the lesson that they cant just carried away by showing their blind eye when it comes to issues related to Tamil cause. Congress must understand the significance of local sensitiveness and should remember that they are accountable for it.

More accolades for Tamilnadu electorates for dumping the PMK in all constituencies for their betrayal and unfaithfulness. Mr.Ramadass should realize that the people are not so insane to acknowledge his opportunistic political games in every other election. After tasting the first defeat in 11 years, it is the high time for the PMK to introspect its political miscalculations for its own survival.

The voters in Viruthunagar made Mr.Vaiko to bite the dust and ousted his party from the Tamilnadu political arena. After taking the asylum in Poes garden, no one is ready to entrust his vociferous Eelam support. By compromising his principles in unruly ways, Mr.Vaikos reputation got pulverized in very short time.

Even after fencing the Eelam Sword in her whirlwind election campaign, Ms.Jayalalitha miserably failed to reap the benefits. You cannot simply win the election by blaming and blabbering about the ruling party in the campaign, after prolonged hibernation in the Kodanadu estate. Ms.Jayalalitha should understand that in democracy she has the job to do even if she is not in power.

The most significant achievement of the election is the recognition of Mr.Thirumavalavan and his party. I have lot of respect on Mr.Thirumavalavan for his unrelenting and unassailable stand when it comes to principles. DMK must express its gratitude to VCK and its cadres without whom the triumph in northern districts is the distant possibility.

The hero of this election is Mr.Karunanidhi and his political sagaciousness. Mr. Karunanidhi has balanced the ideology, development and populist schemes in correct proportion and conquered the elections. Young and prospering leaders must learn from his vast political experience and follow his recipe for success. In my opinion Mr.Karunanidhi is playing the very savvy and prudent politics in the last 5 years and drafting huge electoral victories. He understood the common man and he lent his deaf ears towards the highly educated idiots who are bluffing in the national televisions about him and DMK.

The common man is the penultimate judge to vouch for development and punish for being unaccountable towards Eelam issue. This election is the eye opener for all politicians across Tamilnadu. Being the staunch supporter of DMK, I am happier now than I was in 1996 and 2004 when DMK+ swept the elections and once again my heartily congratulations to Tamilnadu Electorates.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Interestingly poised

The poll process in Tamilnadu is officially set in motion on Thursday (April 13th) with the start of filing nominations. The leaders are ferociously campaigning for their own party candidates as well as for the alliance party candidates, energizing the party cadres with their political speeches and mesmerizing the voters by their poll promises.

Unlike other elections, the role of media in depicting the election fever and exposing the election mood in Tamilnadu looks overdosed. It is astonishing to witness the soaring pre poll surveys though the pollster predictions are successfully biting the dust in Indian electoral space. It is still incredible to understand the sample size and methodology of these surveys in such a populous country.

The Hindu -CNN-IBN Poll conducted by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) predicts the too close election in the history of Tamilnadu. The margins between the two major alliances are within the margin of error of the survey. The poll was conducted between April 1 and 7 before the DMK alliance started their political campaign and in the week when ADMK has kick started its campaign which obviously gives an edge to the ruling ADMK.

The significance of the poll is substantially weak as 30 % of the voters are in decisive and had not made up their mind. As the poll preciously pointed out, the concentration DMK-PMK combine in Northern pockets of Tamilnadu may fetch more of seats even with less swing in percentage of votes. In spite of the accuracy of this poll, this poll clearly indicates that there is no sweep in Tamilnadu and the election is interesting poised.

The desperation prevailing in both the ADMK and DMK camps is immense to capture the power and it looks bizarre when considering the 1996 and 2001 elections. The unruly scenes and revolt from the party cadres with respect to candidate selection is high and visible across all party lines. The election has so far seen the frequent change of announced candidates which is unusual in Tamilnadu elections.

The dramatic turnaround in the popularity of ADMK and wide acceptance of Ms.J.Jayalaitha after the last parliament election reported by the media does not seems to be tangible at all. Except for the Tsunami relief, the Government has only indulged in the rolling back the stopped welfare schemes and introduces the same old schemes with new names. Even if the Tsunami relief work has to be taken into consideration, it will affect only 15 to 20 constituencies in Tamilnadu.

If the previous elections voting patterns are taken for analysis, the point is very evident that the arithmetic is playing a vital role in deciding the election victory in Tamilnadu than the performance of the existing Governments. The DMK combine is arithmetically well ahead of ADMK alliance. With inclusion of MDMK and DPI, the ADMK is saved from facing the complete wipe out like 2004 election.

As the sufferings from the misrule of ADMK are still afresh in people’s mind, the DPA has the advantage with arithmetic numbers, colourful poll promises and the historical crowd gathering in the tour path of Mr.Karunanithi. With all permutations and combinations and without any last moment surprise, the DMK has an edge over ADMK.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

An Interesting Book

In the midst of the busy political readings on dailies these days, I found one interesting book titled “FUZZY AND NEUTROSOPHIC ANALYSIS OF PERIYAR’S VIEWS ON UNTOUCHABILITY” by Dr. W.B.Vasantha Kandasamy when I was searching in Google.

The book is the collective work of W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, Florentin Smarandache and K. Kandasamy. Dr.W.B.Vasantha Kandasamy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. Dr.Florentin Smarandache is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of New Mexico in USA. Dr. K. Kandasamy is a staunch Periyarist. He worked as a guest Professor in the Tamil Department of the University of Madras.

The preface of the book starts with “Day in and day out we take pride in claiming that India has a 5000 year old civilization. But the way Dalits and those suppressed are being treated by the people who wield power and authority speaks volumes for the degradations of our moral structure and civilized standards” by our beloved Ex President Mr.K.R.Narayanan.

In this book the authors have analyzed the diverse manifestations of untouchability and the caste-system of Hinduism using Fuzzy and Neutrosophic theory. The authors have appropriately chosen Thandhai Periyar to study the untouchability who is a relentless crusader and social revolutionary who vociferously campaigned against untouchability and called for the annihilation of the caste system.

The authors used the basic Fuzzy and Neutrosophic tools in the analysis of the social evil of Untouchability. Since the notion of caste is based on the mind, they found it appropriate to use Fuzzy and Neutrosophic theory. The authors utilized the Fuzzy
Directed Graphs and Neutrosophic Directed Graphs of these Fuzzy and Neutrosophic models and presented the observations drawn from the mathematical results based on the Fuzzy and Neutrosophic analysis.

The study of this kind is innovative and it is done for the first time in the world. The authors intellectually incorporated the mathematical tools to study this sociological problem as they wanted to perform a scientific study of this system of oppression. The authors dedicated this book to Thandhai Periyar who devoted his entire life to work for the rights of the subjugated people and they felt proud to render this work to the great leader as their life time duty.

This book is the great work of highly qualified and educated people which has the clear scientific reasoning and presentation. It is heart warming to know that the authors choose Periyar who wished scientific development in every corner of the human life. This book is magnificent dedication to the illustrious leader who is fondly referred as ‘Arrivu Aassan’.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Soniaji stands tall

By marrying Soniaji, Mr.Rajiv Gandhi has done his best thing for the country. Though Mrs.Indira Gandhi had been criticized for her controversial political moves, but she should be congratulated for her decision in accepting Soniaji as her daughter in law. India is fortunate to have the person like Madam Sonia in Indian politics.

It is obvious to anyone without an infinitesimal doubt in mind that Soniaji revived Congress party, resurrected new blood to the party and restored the past glory of the Congress in India. One should not forget that she has rewritten the history of Congress and made the party understand the true meaning of Social Justice.

The BJP members made loud and persistent outcry over her foreign origin when Soniaji entered into the political arena in 1998 after prolonged compulsion from Congress leaders to take the leadership of the Congress. By her unique way of approach she silenced the ugly noise by winning the hearts of crores and crores of people.

As decency and ethics has completely faded away from current political scenario, she reinstated the decency and ethics in the Indian politics by not making any angry or ugly remarks against her detractors. Even when persons like Ms.Jayalaitha questioned her loyalty to his husband (‘Pathibakthi’) during the 2004 elections campaign, which is absolute nonsense and ridiculous, Soniaji never indulged in any war of words with her.

She revolutionized the Congress ideology by giving the adequate of importance to Social Justice in the 1998 parliament election manifesto, which was never the case in Congress History. She is the one and only person in Congress history who has her plans focused on social justice and work accordingly.

Even after winning the clear mandate and unanimous choice of Prime Minister, she is not greedy over the post and made her statement crystal clear that she is in politics to serve the people not to occupy any post. She is showing her utter selflessness even in the same politics where the pseudo politicians like Ms.Sushma and Ms.Uma are carrying out their ignominious political stunts against her.

Soniaji has touched the new altitudes in Indian politics by resigning her MP post and chairperson of the National Advisory Council when the office of profit issue starts clouding the politics. As Hindu editorial correctly pointed out that Sonia Gandhi has, for the second time, turned apprehension into widespread applause.

As a person and as a politician Soniaji becomes the role model of Indian politicians and standing tall in maintaining the decorum in politics. Soniaji has not only got honored and acclaimed because of Nehru family; Nehru family got honored and acclaimed because of the reputation of Soniaji.

Congrats, Sonia Madam.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Can Thirumavalavan make the difference?

The unfeigned efforts taken by Mr.Ramadass to include the Dalit Panthers in Democratic Progressive Alliance ended in vain as the leader of the DPA expressed his inability to accommodate the Panthers. This situation necessitated Mr.Thol.Thirumavalavan to take a different stand in this assembly election for its political survival.

Mr.Thiruma concluded the alliance and seat sharing business in a flash of time without any perturbation. He didn’t require any persistent negotiation or continuous sittings, which the other alliance partners (MDMK, PMK, CPI and CPI (M)) in DPA are undergoing with DMK to conclude the electoral pact with ADMK. The agreement was hassle free with the nine winnable seats for his party.

He was not successful in his attempts to capitalize the idea of floating the Third Front along with PMK before forging this alliance with ADMK. The justification which Mr.Thiruma quoting for the alliance is passable as it is the high time for his party to get the recognition of the Election Commission. The same justification was given by both PMK and MDMK when they aligned with ADMK in 1998 parliament election.

When analyzing the alliance of DPI with ADMK, two factors needs to be considered. The first one of course the electoral benefits which ADMK getting out of Mr.Thiruma and the second one is the threat to the social harmony put in place in the recent years by Mr.Ramadass and Mr.Thirumavalavan in North Tamilnadu.

The facts and figures from the last two elections (2001 Assembly election and 2004 Parliament Election) indicate that Mr.Thiruma is developing as formidable force in northern districts of Tamilnadu. In the 2001 Assembly elections DPI was with the DMK led front which faced the defeat all over Tamilnadu except in Chennai and Cuddalore.

DPI has nothing to do with the Chennai victory, as it is the traditional stronghold of DMK. But the front had won 5 out of 9 assembly segments in Cuddalore irrespective of the strong presence of PMK (was with ADMK front) in the district. The DMK front candidates emerged victorious in Cuddalore, Kurunjipadi, Kattumanarkoil, Mangalore and Chidambaram because of the strength of the DPI.

Even in the last Parliament election, he gave the tough fight to the DPA candidate in the Chidambaram constituency. He polled well above the ADMK front candidate in Chidambaram. He finished second in 5 out of 6 assembly segments in Chidambaram constituency and polled higher than DPA candidate in Kattumanarkoil assembly segment.

Apart from the election prospective, his acquaintance with Mr.Ramadass in the name of Tamil movement is a healthy development, which eventually enriched the social concordance between the two oppressed communities. Though both the leaders reassured their relationship would not be shattered by this electoral pact, it may alter the equilibrium in the grass root level when both the parties have face-to-face contest.

It is unfortunate to see both DMK and ADMK annexing the Dalit parties when they don’t have a choice and casting them away when they have solid alliance. If the Panthers victory progresses in the same fashion it might turn out to be a potential loss to the DMK front and substantial gain to the ADMK front. This election is the acid test for the DPI to showcase their potential in tilting the victory margin in North Tamilnadu.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Tamilnadu Elections

The political parties in Tamilnadu are all geared up for the Assembly elections due in this summer. The political mood and activism in the party’s circle are upbeat and the election mania already gripped in the minds of party leaders with the functionaries and grass root level cadres are well equipped to confront the biggest event.

The exercise of receiving the application from prospective candidates has already been started by the major political parties in Tamilnadu before the Election Commission announcing the schedule. The response has been overwhelming with aspirants queuing up in large numbers before party offices to purchase the forms.

The Chief Minister and the General Secretary of the ruling party, All-India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) is announcing plenty of new schemes and sops everyday and launching the schemes which she stopped after reigning the power. ADMK kicked off its campaign with its star speaker and new council chairman Mr.Kalimuthu in full swing.

The despaired hope after the last General Election got refurbished with the stunning by- election triumphs in Kanchipuram and Gumudipoondi in ADMK camp. As no major political party is in alliance with the ADMK, it is desperately looking for political partners. The ruling party is effectively using the Intelligence agencies for strategizing their political fortunes.

The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam supremo, Mr.Karunanithi has the laborious task of keeping the “Rainbow Alliance” intact and to repeat the same success of the last General Election. As every political party in UPA demanding for more seats, Kalinger has to utilize all his political intelligence to amicably conclude the sear sharing exercise. With the status of senior partner in UPA, DMK has the additional responsibility to counter attack the ruling party’s attempt to split the seven party alliances.

Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) has reassured its stand in UPA and it will neither go out of UPA nor ask for the coalition government. PMK has to end the speculation of the media about its eroding vote bank in the northern districts and to reassert that it is the major political force in North Tamilnadu after DMK and ADMK. The seat crunch situation prevailing in the UPA has kept the desire of Mr.Ramadoss to accommodate Mr.Thol Thirumavalavan hanging.

Though the former TNCC President Mr.Tinidivanam Ramamurthy has parted his ways with the party for some ludicrous reasons, the Tamilnadu Congress camp is eudemonic with its new State President and an additional central minister from the state. As usual Tamilnadu Congress camp is in low velocity to pick up its speed.

The new born Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) has also started its maiden political campaign with its leader Mr.Vijayakanth engaged in whirlwind Tamilnadu tour. Another National party, BJP hopefully will go alone as no party is ready to accommodate them.

MDMK is in limelight for quite sometime and decision of its General Secretary Mr.Vaiko with respect to alliance is anxiously awaited in the state. Both DMK and ADMK kept their ears wide open to hear any announcement from Mr.Vaiko. ADMK has taken all maximum possible efforts to annex MDMK to its camp. Whether Mr.Vaiko will continue in UPA or yield to the pressure of ADMK is the million dollar question?

Every party has kept their political apparatus busy and charged up for the next political bonanza. Yes, Tamilnadu is all set for yet another election ceremony. We wish the political parties all the best for their campaign and success.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Movie: Thavamai Thavamirunthu

Cheran, a rarest talent in Tamil filmdom registered his innate ability in his debut movie Barathi Kannamma with a novel story line and stunning climax. He has panache for good cinema which enriched the experience on celluloid with his movies like Porkalam, Vetrikodikattu and Pandavar Poomi. He touched the new altitudes in Indian cinema with his remarkable and national award winning Autograph.

Cheran one of the handful of movie makers who has the guts to make the uncompromised artistic cinema even in the era of the stereotyped or formula based movies reigning the film world. His niche for quality cinema keeps rolling and he comes out with flying colours in his latest venture Thavamai Thavamirunthu which is heartwarming from start to end.

The Tamil cinema normally restricted itself to focus on mother son relationship alone, but Cheran picked the unexplored territory of bondage between father and son and Thavamai Thavamirunthu serves the glowing tribute to fatherhood. The movie is the poetry in celluloid with appealing story line, skillful screenplay and appropriate characterization with well rooted nativity.

The plot sets in Tamil village milieu with the location, sets, makeup and the other production related stuff perfectly sync in with the story telling. The limelight is on the lower middle income family which struggles for their very own livelihood. Cheran adopted his Autograph magic to go into memory lane and unfold the nostalgic feelings to drive home the message effectively.

The story is all about Muthiah (Rajkiran) and Saratha (Saranya) and their two sons Ramanathan (Senthil) and Ramalingam (Cheran). Muthiah owns a printing press is running pillar to post, taking loans and pledging his belongings to give his wards the best education though he is uneducated. The problem created in the family with his erring elder son and his sulking daughter in law (Meena) starts quarreling. Ramalingam (Cheran) added fuel to the fire by committing a serious blunder and eloped with his lover (Padmapriya). The happenings aftermath forms the rest of the movie.

The rural language and accent of the characters are perfect as the story is happening in the village near Karaikudi and kudos to Cheran as he intelligently avoided any caste names being used or suffixed to the character names in the movie belonging to the region which is very common in Tamil movies. The happy family celebrating the Pongal in their native village even after they moved to bigger city is pleasurable.

Rajkiran, vastly underrated actor, lived in the role of Muthiah. He dominates the whole show with his hallmark performance and etched out an impression that as if the role is played by thespian Nadikar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan. Saranya, a gifted actress, has the life time performance in this film. Cheran besides many responsibilities on his sleeve blends into the character with consummate élan and ease. Padmapriya has the outstanding debut with Senthil and Meena made their presence felt.
The movie is criticized for its length but the movie has the depth to touch the heart and takes close you to the brink of tear. With this movie Cheran joins the elite club of greatest Tamil movie makers and this film is on par with Barathiraja’s 16 Vayathinile, Maheindaran’s oothri pookal, Balumahedra’s Veedu and Thankar’s Azhaki.

Thavamai Thavamirunthu is brave attempt and it catapulted Cheran to the pinnacle of fame.